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You may use the word job, service ticket or work ticket for a job order. Basically, it is documented stating requirements of the job to be done. Usually, the customer issues the ticket.

Using the work order is a wise choice. First of all, it tells the vendor what needs to be done. Secondly, it specifies how a vendor should do the job.

Every job demands certain types of raw material or equipment. The job order helps the business and client to keep a record of things used during the job.

The biggest advantage of using work order is a recording of the job. In case, the client refuses to pay or vendor has done the job wrong, another party can sue the defaulter.

What Is a Work Order Form?

Job order is a document that captures job information. That includes labor, materials, due date and payment mode, etc. We can say, it briefly states important information about the job to be done.

What To Add To Work Order?

You must use a work order printable if your business needs orders on a recurring basis. Of course, you don’t have time to create a new ticket for each order. Instead, use the template. Just fill the details in the empty fields and print it out.

Again, you don’t need to hire a designer for this job. You can do it using Microsoft Word or Excel. You just need to learn what to add in the ticket.

Components of Work Order

A standard work order form must have fields for following:

  • Company Name: Don’t forget to add the name of your business or company. For the more professional outlook, you can insert company’s logo.
  • Bill To: This field is used to specify the person who will be billed for the job. Usually, you add information about the customer in this field.
  • Ship To: It is not necessary that the person paying for the job will get the goods. That’s where this field comes handy. Here, you add information about the person who will get the services or goods.
  • W.O.#: Businesses take orders on a recurring basis. For proper recording, it is important to list down all orders. To identify the job, you must assign a unique number to it. You can use this field to mention the work order number.
  • Job Description: As the name implies, job description provides sufficient information to complete the job. For example, which job should be done? How should it be done? Which product is required? Or name of brand or model? Etc.
  • Qty: In case of products, this field specifies the accurate quantity of products ordered.
  • Taxed: If the job is taxable, you must mention it in the work order.
  • Other: In case you are offering a discount, use this field to mention it.

Once you have entered above-cited information, don’t forget to save the work order file.

Free Work Order Printables

For your convenience, we have tailored a significant collection of job order templates.

Construction Work Order Printable

Maintenance work order

Automotive Work Order

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