5+ Vacation Request Forms Free Download!!


Vacation request form is an important tool to apply for a long and planned leave especially when you are planning a trip with your family and friends. For official records, these forms are available in every corporate office. These forms are not just formalities. These are important in planning and also in keeping the workload evenly distributed among the employees.

Why are Vacation request forms important for a company?

  • It helps to keep track on absence and the present ratio of the office in a standard working day that means on a general office day, how many people are present on an average. It helps to distribute the load of works in all departments.
  • It helps to keep the ongoing projects organized and also helps to prevent from being understaffed for a project.
  • It also helps the human resource team how many leaves should be permitted on a particular day or a month.
  • Preparing the estimated time frame for finishing any ongoing project and rescheduling works and assigning extra works to someone down the line.

How does a Vacation Request Form work?

When you fill the vacation request form, it starts migrating to various departments before it gets accepted.

  • At first, it goes to your team lead, manager or supervisor. He or she analyzes all the pending works and the workload on the remaining employees and finally balancing the workload he or she approves the leaves.
  • Once the green signal is gotten from there, it moves to the human resource department for final approval. HR personnel counts his or her remaining leaves and leaves taken. After analyzing, the situation they approve the leave.

Employee vacation request type template is readily available right here, and you could utilize it to make vacation request types for your own business or startup or company. Company name, logo design as well as other important information can easily be added into the design template to prepare personalized kinds economically.

Note: Appropriately filling up of the kind helps staff member a whole lot in obtaining vacation request accepted instantly before a week at least.

Things You need to mention on the vacation request form?

It is the specialist way utilized by the smart companies as well as startup to collect information about workers who intend to go for a vacation such as the name of employees, staff member code, classification, trip start date, vacation end day, total days of vacation. If you are working in an IT company then mention the name of the team lead. As soon as the kind is full of proper information, the employee will certainly submit it to human resource department.

Vacation Request Forms- Some Free Printable Samples 

#1 It’s a very simple and easily printable vacation request form and customization of the form is also very interesting. Here employees will be informed if the vacation request is rejected for any reason.

Vacation Request Forms

#2 This form is really easy to fill, and as an employee, you need to fill all the blanks properly to present the reasons for the vacation request.

Vacation Request Form

So, these are some of the Vacation request forms for free download. Got anything to say? Drop in a comment below.

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