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5+ Incident Report Template

Every organization uses incident report template to document unpredicted event!

An Incident Report Template is a document that you wish you never need to use. This form records the detailed information of an accident, workplace incident, injury, security breach of any kind of unforeseen event. Proper reporting not only reduces the impacts of the incident but also avoids similar incidents in future. So, go ahead and check out these incident report template.

What Is A Generic Incident Report Template Word?

Incident Report Template word

An Incident Report is used for official recording of details of an accident. It may pertain to an unexpected occurrence on a workplace, but commonly it is about accident or injury happened. Ideally, there should not be a delay in completing the report following the injury. As per the severity of the accident, the report may be forwarded to the company only for safety planning, the police, regulatory body or insurers.

Basically, the incident report promotes worker’s safety. No matter which type of injury has happened, the recording should be done. The administration should initiate the investigation as soon as possible following the accident. The report mainly documents details about accident including what happened, date, time and location of the accident.

incident report form template

If there is an injury, it should be inserted in the form too. If someone witnessed the incident, he/she should be interviewed along with contact details. Depending on the severity, the state should get involved in the matter.

Importance of Incident Report Form

An organization relies on incident report to record case of injury or workplace incident. The administration goes for a safety program to ensure the safety of workers. Despite the best efforts of management, accidents do happen on the worksite.

Safety program cannot keep the workers safe absolutely. But it can prevent the similar incidents in future. To improve the safety planning, it is essential to record, track and investigate the injuries occurred. Proper reporting always mitigate the accidents that’s why it is an element of safety programs.

When Do You Need To Use Incident Report Template Word?

The answer is, as soon as an incident happens despite the level of severity. Everything that causes an injury must be documented using incident report printables. Such as accidents, near misses or security breaches, etc.

When reporting is done for internal use, it may not require additional proceeding. As the company will use the data to mitigate similar hazards in future.

But if the accident was severe (resulted in death or disability), the organization should call for an investigation panel to find the details of the accident. The management may have to handover report to the local regulatory authority for litigation.

incident report form template word

What Kind Of Report Template Form Should I Use?

An incident report printable comes handy right after an accident has occurred. Usually, this report form is simple enough to allow quick recording of data to summarise the accident. Ideally, it should be completed soon after the incident has happened.

The recording can be done for several situations like accident, security breach, violence and injury. For each situation, a specific type of template should be used. For your convenience, we have provided a significant collection of incident form templates as follows:

Accident Incident Report Template

Incident Report Template

As the name implies, this template can be used for events like accidents, workplace incidents, injuries, property damage or close calls, etc. It lets you document details about the incident, involved parties, witness’s statement, law enforcement interaction and medical treatment of the victim. Being a generic incident form template, it is useful for all kinds of organizations.

Offense Incident Report Printable

Offense Incident Report Template

This template is mainly used for reporting criminal offenses. Such type of form becomes prime evidence in criminal cases or insurance claims. The law enforcement commonly uses this template to record details about criminal offenses. You can use it for vehicle theft or property loss too.

Security Incident Report Forms

Security Incident Report Template

Organizations and businesses rely on this template for documenting security or privacy violations. The incident is maybe about physical altercations or anything that violates privacy or safety of other workers. Not only you can add details about the incident in but also information about the potential suspect.

Tenant Incident Report Printable

Tenant Incident Report Template

This form is specifically for property owners and managers. They use it to report incidents involving property loss, damage or injuries done by the tenant. This type of form becomes helpful in cases of insurance and compensation claims.

Student Incident Report Printable

Student Incident Report Template

Educational institutions rely on this form to document incidents involving students. The student may be responsible for the accident, injury to another student, near misses or property damage. It is usually used to report cases of bullying and harassment. Sometimes, injury to student happens due to unsafe conditions on campus. In short, this form documents incident involving a student.

Workplace Violence Incident Report Form

Workplace Violence Incident Report Template

This incident report records work site violence, either done by a worker or outsider attempting to harm other workers.

Hope you got the right incident report template for your organization. We hope you will need one. But it is advised to have incident form as an accident can happen anytime!

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